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Full Version: Ice Age game interest?
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I was just wondering if there was any interest in doing an ice age game? It doesn't have to be now, but I just wanted to see if there was any interest down the road when the time is right.

It is harder than a normal game, and it will test your abilities a lot. But the reward is worth it, knowing that you are uber good and can handle the inclement weather.
Love em. In. Yippee.
Sounds fun
Id be interested in trying this style out as well.
I would like to see it played with no wizard kingdoms for more of a balance.
I would be in for this or the anonymous game

I'll do it if enough people want to.
I'll play ifweget enough
I will withdraw my name from this game as the anonymous game is starting up.
I’ll play Maybe start a signup?
Just to be on the safe side, I will propose the following:

Frostbite Fight!

Ice Age Game

48 hour turnaround.

Limited diplomacy, no more than three trades in a row for 3 turns thereafter

Steel (I believe that is what it is called)

If these are agreeable, we can start the draft, snake like.

Interested? Or have some changes desired.
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