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Announcing the End of 2021 Savings Spectacular:

From now until the end of the year, all players at Warrior Level (2 games at a time) can play at Victor Level (4 games at a time), with the setup cost for each new game just a fin.  ($5)

This includes going from Scout to Warrior by joining your second game - just $5 setup with your bump to Warrior.

So here's a chance to get several games started and if you are at Warrior or moving there, you can join two more games for $5 each.

Has Ry Vor gone (more) mad???

This offer does not include custom games like Confederations or Warlords.  For those, if you are also in two regular games,  Confederations all in normally is $44.95, for the Holiday special - again, preference is first to be in at least two 12 player games,

This is just for games started before December 31.  You will not be moved above Warrior if you are in four games until your Holiday Bonanza games end.

I'll be posting new game threads.  First a Steel contest, then the Second Qualifier for the Alamaze Championship.  But don't hold back - remember, even if you are in two games now you can join both of those for a total of $10 at Warrior Level Service.