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Full Version: 24 Hour Game Anonymous - any interest?
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I find this style extremely fun, anyone else interested?
In. Anonymous?
Yep, be nice to get in before championship
all styles are fun...
What styles we talking about here Wink
Brekk, qood quesrtion....

reminds me of an old painted man story from long he seems to creep into many.
I might be interested if I can play the Warlock in Pellinor
Super anon there UncleWink
Let's go with this as the on tap game.

Following this will be the second qualifier for the Championship, which will be Mages Exiled.

I don't recall if the Game Creator does anonymous drafts, I believe it does.  You might want to have someone not playing do a random draft order sorter and personal message everyone with their draft order.
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