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Full Version: Always and Again - Steel!
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Always and Again - Steel!

Such craftsmanship!  Crafted 37 years ago, and stained with the blood of thousands, yet it shines as new.  This is indeed fine steel.   

There shall always be Steel.  No restrictions except one ally max and no trades lasting beyond three turns with the same kingdom - no renewing trades between the same two kingdoms without at least a season break between.  Every turn forum only diplomacy.

Pick your poison (draft position) here.  

I will be off to settle a matter in Asgard for the next several days, so carry on without me.   Don't break anything other than the usual.  Don't forget to the feed Cerberus (careful).  Carry on.
I'm alive with pick 5
I’m in the mix at 6?
I'm number 1 !
I'll take 7
Wow, 37 years of alamaze and it still is one of the best games out there.
ROAR!!!!!! I'll take four!
I think 8 would be just great
I'll take 9!
 1.) Brekk
 4.) Ruingurth
 5.) Rellgar
 6.) PTriley
 7.) Flevis
 8.) Wookie Panz
 9.) Keeope
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