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Full Version: Good Verses Evil Epic Custom
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For Once and All


  • Six Good vs. Six Evil Kingdoms
  • Discussion here on specifics with Ry Vor making final selections if there is not consensus
  • Choose regions - suggestion is Evil has south / summer regions and Good has Winter
  • Choose kingdoms.  Possibly 9 kingdoms available to each good and evil and players choose from available to their side in draft order
  • Setup as Alliance but no victory declarations until one side has 10 regions with one of the 3 kingdom Alliances having at least six regions (and then the other good or evil having the rest to make 10 controlled).  Else Lion's Share is total status points accumulated end of T40 for each Epic Side.
  • Details to be worked out, will require player cooperation for non-coded rules.  Custom game.
  • All players on winning side will get a free Steel setup.
  • Open forum taunting with the best RPG persona on each side determined by its players also getting a free setup.
  • Full diplomacy - email, etc.
  • Likely 72 hour turn cycle, probably All-In at $29.95. 
  • Start the discussion, can add player enforced rules, but remember we cannot enforce anything outside the code.
  • We will also start a regular Steel setup in case this one takes some time to get started.
For now, let's just start the conversation (not picking draft spots yet, that will probably be random order alternating between good and evil, no need to declare now for either good or evil).  If more than 12 want to join, tiebreaker will be total Maelstrom Status points.

Let's have some fun!
In for epic, my precious
I am in. Ready to be good Halflings or evil Halflings. Or something else, I guess, maybe.
I'll do it but evil is going to win. Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.
I’m in
Ill be in for an evil kingdom.
I'm in
Thank God something interesting!  
I am IN! (provided I don't get bumped)
I think evil is dumber
I will play SA as an agent kingdom. Best idea since Painted used HA as a military one
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