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Full Version: Good Verses Evil Epic Custom
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oh this is going to be a party
Gimme them (GOOD looking) Dwarves!!
Since this is such a unique game, I will be a force for Good!
Sign me up for evil.
If my math is right, we have 5 vs. 5 already (good and evil)

We just need two more players--one for each side.
EVIL- Windstar, Flevis, CosmicWizard. DuPont, Yellowbeard
GOOD- Pine Needle, Painted Man, Calin, Brekk, and Rellgar

1 spot on each side.
Should there be any special rules for the High Council? Should it be removed for this game? Nobody can bid for it? Or just leave it and see what happens?
screw it I'm Evil.
I think it might be the most interesting high council ever. Scandals might have meaning holding a 3-2 majority.

I do note the evilness of ridding Alamaze of democracy. Nice one, Calin.
Yes Calin, I am with my brother Pine, your thinly veiled attempt to destroy one of our most potent tools of democracy has been noted..
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