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Full Version: Good Verses Evil Epic Custom
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Count me in for this one. Sounds interesting.
If there is room, I would like to play--I would also like to be a little EVIL!
I would like to play on the evil side
evil me please
Goodness me.
I want to know the power of the Dark Side.
Rick thanks for giving this a push.

I would like to announce that I am bringing my 1 star (out of 5) talents to a place that I feel I will thrive. A place where new NIL licensing rules will allow me to grow and be all I can be. That said, I am declaring my commitment to the GOOD Team.

PS: Any support for swapping Dwarves and Rangers?
The field thus far:

EVIL- Windstar, Flevis, CosmicWizard. DuPont
GOOD- Pine Needle, Painted Man, Calin

Declared in but no side picked- Yellowbeard
Previously stated as IN but not confirmed after Rick's post and no side picked- Brekk

Think that's everyone
Swapping rangers and dwarves sounds evil
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