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Full Version: Good Verses Evil Epic Custom
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(06-18-2021, 06:09 AM)Senior Tactician Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-17-2021, 11:53 PM)Calin Wrote: [ -> ]My first stab:

Good: Ancient Ones, Druid, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome,  Halfling, Ranger, Sacred Order
Evil: Darkelven, Demon Princes, Necromancer, Pirates, Red Dragon, Tyrant, Underworld, Warlock
Neutral (Can be drafted by either): Amazons, Atlantians, Black Dragon, Cimmerians, Illusionist, Lizard Men, Nomad, Sorcerer

Maybe no more than 2 Neutral per side?

Good Kingdoms can draft Paladins, Evil can draft Knights of styx.  Should be on your set-ups.

[Only permitted for good kingdoms Amazons, Ancient Ones, Atlantians, Cimmerians, Druid, Dwarves, Elves, Gnome, Halfling, Illusionist, Lizard Men, Nomad, Rangers, Sacred Order, Sorcerer, Warlock]

[Only permitted for evil kingdoms Dark Elves, Demon Princes, Pirates, Necromancer, Tyrant, Underworld]

Plus the dragons who can't recruit either, are probably Evil as well.

So not much choice for the evils... lots of options for good.

How about that't it. That's the Evil Team. Da/De/Pi/Ne/Ty/Un. The Goods get to pick which they play - with restrictions like 'no dragons' or 'must take Sacred' or something. And the Evils get an advantage on which regions they take. Like, first 2 picks?
Strong team. I like it. Should good have a limit on wizards? Shoukd regions be predefined North and South like Rick suggested or free for all?
(06-20-2021, 07:52 PM)Calin Wrote: [ -> ]Strong team.  I like it. Should good have a limit on wizards? Shoukd regions be predefined North and South like Rick suggested or free for all?

I would try for something east/west for production reasons.
Sounds good to me
(06-21-2021, 05:20 PM)Calin Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds good to me

If you're feeling exceptionally.... devious.... you could do corners. Good northwest and southeast, Evil southwest and northeast. 

*disclaimer I have given zero thought as to how this would look
Team captain to the most evilest/goodest. I, for example, was a Boy Scout. But I flunked out.
OK, I am not volunteering to play, but I’m gonna do you guys a big favor here and get you going.  You can’t go east-west or north south, for reasons of equality at the outset.  What you need to do is start at the top right-hand corner of the map and draw a diagonal line down to the bottom left, then you fudge it a little.  After that you pick the good kingdoms that match up best with the Evil kingdoms and place them in opposition on the map in the regions that make sense.  You guys can hash this out, but here is my suggestion:
GOOD: Crown HA, Triumvia AT, Darkover EL, Krynn DU, Zanthia RA, Sword AN
EVIL: Diamond UN, Pellinor PI, Nyvaria DA, Mythgar NE, Untamed TY, Zamora DE
Also, communication and coordination will be key, pick a “most Evil” leader and a “most Good” leader to facilitate coordination.
Hard mode: Must pick a kingdom you haven’t played…. If you’ve played all, must pick the kingdom you scored the worst with.
not sure this game will ever get going just discussion thus far.
Thanks for the favor Senior, like when you killed all my agents. With friends like you...
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

This is what I suggest to move things along.  And to that end:
1.  This is the format unless I am persuaded to make a change, or:
2.  A single player can make one plea for a change.  One.  With good argument, and requires a second voice to approve with no expressed contrary opinion.  Then it will be considered for a change, probably for more discussion.

The format will be:

1.  Regions.  Will be chosen in a snake with either by mutual agreement or if not coin flip, one side picks 1, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 12, and the other picks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 and 11.

2.  Kingdoms. For Epic Conflict reasons, these eight kingdoms are automatically in the game (Good vs. Evil):

AN vs. DE;
 EL vs. DA;
DU vs. NE;
DW vs. TY.

These Kingdoms are neutral and can be selected by either Epic Side:Amazons, Cimmerians, Nomads or Pirates.

These kingdoms are reserved for Good only, but need not be selected:
Sacred Order

These kingdoms are reserved for Evil only, but need not be selected:
Black Dragons

These kingdoms are removed from being in this conflict:Red Dragon, as they would be the first chosen in this format if available, and Warlock as without the Red Dragon and then only one available mage kingdom, this would be taken.

If both captains agree, before the determination for which side goes first is made to allow both WA and RD, then that is fine and they can enter the draft.  For now, they are out.

Players who to this point have posted in the discussion can secure a spot by posting now and just declaring Good or Evil.  Obviously, there must be six good and six evil.

Captains can either be appointed by a side or I will chose based on my mood at the time.  Trust the science.  Then there will be the determination of who picks the first region, with the other side choosing whether they wish to pick first and fourth kingdom after the regions are all selected, or the 2nd and 3rd kingdoms.

If you follow, there will be all 12 regions picked first.  Then there will be four kingdoms selected in a two round draft, with two kingdoms to each side from the available per the above.  When a kingdom is selected here on the forum, whether pre-selected (e.g., Elves for Good) or chosen from available it is placed in a region that has been selected at that time.

All regions are selected first, then alternating the captains will place their kingdoms chosen in the regions.   Captains will choose all the regions and the order in which their allies select, but the players each can make their choice.  Ideally the captains will allow the players their own choices on the kingdoms they play without too much influence.

Once we have our 12 players and two captains, if the captains agree on who picks the first region, we will begin.
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