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Full Version: Post Covid Silent Steel
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I know there is a team game still waiting to start but since that is a bit niche I thought maybe we could start a new Steel game.

I had to drop all my games in January because I had Covid and it knocked me out pretty good for a month.  I'd like to get back in.
The team game launched.
I have another player interested in doing a single alliance or full communication game.  I understand Mr. Drogo you don't care for communication games but that would be my choice.
Im easy Ill play and join any format you desire.
I'm game for a new game. Count me in!
I'll play, too.
In for full communications, alliances, what not. No deals pre set (e.g. game to game) but anyone can make any deal to win as long as they are trying to win this game.
Or whatever.
Well Drogo ? what Steel rules do you want since you set this up, you should have the honor of choosing. and we can start our spots in order of posts for selecting picking spots?
I prefer silent but forum diplomacy every 3 turns is ok with me.
Drogo, you want to start a silent game then make it silent. Since you started the thread you get the final decision.

silent is fine with me
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