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Full Version: 'Tis the Season for Summer Steel
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'Tis the Season for Summer Steel

This will be a standard Steel (12 players, 12 kingdoms, all 24 kingdoms available, normal two round snake draft, 72 hour turn cycle, diplomacy for now is forum Late Season only but if we have a number of new players we will move to full diplomacy to enhance the learning experience and Rex only victory) Contest.

Post on this thread to claim your draft position from 1 to 12.  If you pick 12 you also will pick 13; if you pick 1 you will also pick 24.

Once 12 players have posted, the draft will begin here on this thread, with the player picking first choosing either a kingdom or a region.  At the end of the draft, all players willl have a kingdom and a region.  There is also a map of Maelstrom attached below. The final step to start the game is all players login to their Alamaze account, and then on the Order Entry site, click on the Game Queue link on the left panel of the Home page, and then Join the game with the correct title by selecting the kingdom and region you have drafted and clicking "Join".

All game resources (rules, map, player aids, etc.) are available from the log-in page (Help Guides) and on the Order Entry Site, bottom center as "3rd Cycle Resources".  You can also ask questions or ask for advice here on the forum or if you have questions on your account send an email to  (Not .com).  Also, of you haven't checked it out, we highly recommend the independent site with Alamaze tutorials at  

So whether this is your first Alamaze game or your 100th, prepare thyself for a fresh new campaign with new challenges, opportunities and possibilities.

The game is afoot!

Post with "New Reply" your draft position from 1 to 12 here to get in the game.  Good hunting!
No communication?
(08-23-2020, 10:21 AM)uncledarkseid Wrote: [ -> ]No communication?

I edited the intro to say we will go with Late Season Forum Only Diplomacy unless we get a number of new players then we'll go to Full Diplomacy. I intend to reach out to 50 people who have created an account but have never played a full game,  so we will see.
If any new player wants a mentor to help them play this game, I'll volunteer.
Put me in at 1.
I'll choose 4.
I'll take 3
I'll take 2
Spot 5 for me please
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