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Full Version: hey all
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Back after a long break!
consider me in the next game..
me too!
welcome back both of you.

We just started one 2 days ago, but another should be started with in the next week I would imagine.
Yes count me in as well. Maybe a full diplomacy.....
great!  have not played since first cycle so take it easy on me, been about 30 years!  looking forward to playing again.
Welcome back. A few months ago I also came back from a 20-30 year hyatis and having a ball.
Who Ohio fresh meat, I mean welcome back. I came back about three months ago. It had been 1989 since my last game. It is still a ton of fun.

I could probably fit one more in to help out a couple returning Alamaze vets.
I would also fit a game in.
And welcome back lots of new players so your not alone, couple of us started back in Feb after a break from 1989...
Hi, returning player, please in new game.  Um, previously maniacal menace, but accidently created a new persona since haven't played in like 6 years, so was encouraged to make forum name match persona.
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