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Full Version: New Confederations or Warlord
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Lords of Alamaze,

The last four games started have been Steel, so I think current demand is satisfied for a week or two.

The market is open for a possible Confederations or Warlord game, as you prefer.

Confederations you control two kingdoms, in Warlords you control three.  Two slots and three slots, respectively.

Let's see if there is any discussion / interest in either of these at present.
I'll do Confederations.
I would try confederations again. not capable of warlord
Ry Vor if you would please just charge me for the game, no idea how many slots I have open.
I will do a confederation. It had a ton of fun getting schooled by Drogo in the last one. Lol
I will play another confederation game. Though I will not pick dragons this time. Smile
Count me in(terested). But only if I get to attack Dupont or Drogo or both.
Just need one more, then.
I think that's five for Confederations.  Just one more opening for some lucky guy.  Confederations plays quite differently as you'll want to utilize the strengths synergisticly of your two kingdoms.  You may want to consider geography.  Trick of the Trade is useful in kind of an economic engine between your two kingdoms.  

It's important not to have two players act as allies, and no ally declarations other than with your other kingdom are allowed. No trading with other Confederations. Simultaneous attacks by two players on one are viewed askance, as are support of another player's High Council issue.

Again, you control two kingdoms in a draft as if they were two independent kingdoms, so selections 1 - 24 as usual; pick 1 also picks 24. 

I'd like to say that instead of a day or two to determine draft position, just first come, first served to pick your two draft spots by posting here.  This includes whoever is the sixth player.  Just post, (say) I Drogo, will select (two unselected picks 1-12).   Yes, you could have your two kingdoms pick 11 and 12 and so also 13 and 14.  If you pick 1 and 10, you will pick 1, 10, 15, 24).  

So if you have posted, select your two draft positions from 1 to 12 that have not already been selected, by posting here.
Looks like some good players. Give me picks 2 and 3.
I will take picks 5 & 6
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