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Full Version: Maelstrom First Team Game?
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I need another game and how about trying this out? Rick- would the draft be the same?
I am up for an alliance game. I would think now that we have two rounds we should change up Draft order. Maybe even go straight forward.
Position. Picks
A: 1 5 9 16 20 24
B: 2 6 10 15 19 23
C: 3 7 11 14 18 22
D: 4 8 12 14 17 21

I'll be in if I can be on team Draugr.  I like the suggested draft order.
Wookie, Draugr, Acererak team to start?
(03-09-2019, 02:25 PM)Acererak Wrote: [ -> ]Wookie, Draugr, Acererak team to start?

I think in a poker game the first to bid, bidding the max, is usually a tactic to get most of the others to fold.  Just sayin'.

To get this going it might be best to have teams kind of like the draft order.  Top team suggested here would have players ranked 1, 8 and 9 of those playing.  Getting 12 might be ambitious at current levels although a couple games did recently end. 

I think its possible the Warlords format is available for Maelstrom.

Let's see how much interest is generated in this game first - so post if you are "game".  Then we can work out any details.  In Alliance games, you communicate only with your two teammates, but with them pretty intensively and it is really frowned upon to quit a game unless the whole team does after being schooled.
Makes sense......I'm in! No need to have teams selected now.
I might join this but I might not, want to see who is in and rules. Can we get another steel game up?