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Full Version: Debut Maesltrom Diplomacy
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The Maelstrom Has Arrived!

Blowing in maelstrom like - we debut the game everyone around the Worlds of Alamaze have been awaiting.

See the thread on the procedure to signup for Maelstrom games.  First post your Selection # preference, first come, first served.  So, if you are first, you can post for your persona (name persona if your forum handle is different) "Select X", where X is an available (unchosen so far) number from 1 - 12.  That is the order you will pick in once 12 personas have claimed a selection spot. 

Once all 12 are selected, then Select #1 will pick a kingdom or region.  When Select 12 has chosen, the second round begins staying with Select 12 where now players select an unchosen region or kingdom as needed to complete their set, finishing with the last pick (24) which will be the player at Select 1. 

This is a diplomacy game, where you can communicate with other players, typically by exchanging email addresses.

You may post immediately to claim your selection #, unless you are in the Silent Premier Maelstrom, in which case you must wait until after 7PM or your post will be invalid and likely deleted.  All others can jump in now.

Enter the Maelstrom!
I will take 3rd. I am thinking it may be better to have a second silent game as this one could take a long time to fill
I will take 4th pick.
I will try lucky #7.
I will take 5th.
I'll take 6th.
3 - Draugr
4 - Rellgar
5 - Eregnon
6 - Wookie Panz
7 - DuPont
I’ll take 2nd
For Discussion:

How about a forum only diplomacy, on the game's own thread in Active Games (no email, phone calls, etc.), only on turns where the current result reads "Early...", so only when your current results read for example, "Early Autumn", you can communicate on the forum with anyone, so that would be while working on orders for Mid Autumn.

Second, there can be no general or long term Non-Aggression Pacts at all.  You can have a specific agreement during the diplomacy turns on a specific event that expires on the next diplomacy turn.  For example, "I will trade you 30,000 gold for 1 food to not attack City X before next diplomacy", or a non-invasion only until the next diplomacy turn, but nothing past that.

Third, every kingdom must declare one kingdom in a contiguous region to the kingdom's capital region an enemy no later than the end of Turn 5, and must thereafter have at least one declared enemy throughout the game.  No forgetting, or not having the order, etc.  The enemy declarations can change, but there must always be at least one enemy.

Thoughts?  Obviously, the attempt is to make diplomacy games more appealing and less work, and to eliminate the biggest problem of "Game Long NAP".
Ok with me
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