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Full Version: Maelstrom Signup Threads
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Maelstrom will involve a bit more complicated game starting position so until further notice, please do not attempt to create games in the Game Creator for Maelstrom: allow me or my designee to do so.  On the same rationale, let me create the threads for new Maelstrom games until we get a comfort with how things are going.  Generally, I want games to fill before new threads are started, unless there is a special game like a Championship or a private game.

For Maelstrom games, until we find a more fair and simple way to do so, we will sign up on the forum for Maelstrom games in three steps.  All Maelstrom games for now will have 12 players, one per region excepting Stormgate which is always unoccupied.  When a New Maelstrom game thread is created, the only format option will be Diplomacy or Silent.

The stages are as follows, on a first come, first served basis unless otherwise noted or revised here:

1.  Post which position you wish to draft from.  The drafts will be in a snake where a player may select either kingdom or region in the first round, and fill the other from those remaining available in the second round.  Name the draft position by the order in the first round.  So if a player wishes to pick 1st, and so also 24th, he would post with his persona (if different from forum handle) "Select 1st".  If he wished to pick 6th and so also 19th, he would post "Select 6th".  The pairs are then:
1 and 24, 2 and 23, 3 and 22, 4 and 21, 5 and 20, 6 and 19, 7 and 18, 8 and 17, 9 and 16, 10 and 15, 11 and 14, or 12 and 13.

2.  When all 12 players have posted with their draft order, we proceed as quickly as possible - please check the forum frequently for draft progress.  Player with draft selection 1 then posts either a kingdom or region name (not number).  Then all the other players in sequence select, choosing either kingdom or region that has not been selected to complete the first round.

3.  In the second round of the draft, each player will select the element he did not select in the first round.  For example, if a player selected a kingdom in the first round, he must select a region in the second round, or vice versa.  The player with selection 12 begins the second round immediately after he has made the last selection of the first round, and drafting continues in reverse order of draft selection number, until the final kingdom or region is selected with the last pick by the player who chose Select 1st.

Then if not already started, the game is created in the Game Creator, and all players must carefully enter their selections so that 12 kingdoms and 12 regions have been selected, and then the game will begin automatically.