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Full Version: How to Sign Up for an Alamaze Game
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Greetings Lords of Alamaze!

To begin play, first you need to establish an account on our website (sign up) clicking on the New Player Account Registration link.  Just your name and email address you check daily, your Persona - the name by which you will be known by throughout Alamaze - and your account log-in credentials.  You'll initially be set to Free Duel and access the Tutorial but you can immediately join a regular game at which time your service level will be established if this is your first game.

You also need to establish an account here on this forum to not only stay informed and post questions or comments, but to join the queue to enter a new game.  Choose your persona for your forum handle (user name) to avoid confusion.  Players sign up for new games here on the forum on this category - Alamaze New Game Signup.  You'll see threads for any games currently looking to fill and get started.  Just read what kind of game it is, for example "Steel" which is the standard 12 or sometimes 10 player game with each player controlling one kingdom, and post under that thread, often selecting your kingdom from those still available.  Each region can have one of two kingdoms, but not both.  For example, Oakendell will have either the Druids or the Elves, but not both. 

It generally takes several days for a game to fill - have the required number of players sign-up on the forum.  When it does, login at: Order Entry Log-in to be able to actually join the game. All players who have posted on the forum also must Join the game in the Game Creator at Join Game to be enrolled in the game.  This page with the Game Creator is also where you can try the Alamaze Tutorial game.  Once all players have Joined here with the kingdoms selected on the forum, the game will begin automatically.  Most games have a 72 hour turn cycle (deadline), so be sure to get your commands entered on the Order Entry and Verification site (log in to it with your account credentials). 

Then you're underway!  Questions?  Post them on the forum, perhaps under Newbie Questions or ask at