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Full Version: Alamaze Service Levels and Game Formats
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Alamaze Service Levels and Game Formats
Labor Day, 2018
We’ve come a long way since the dawn of the Alamaze Resurgence in 2013.  We offer 3rd Cycle: The Choosing with all the alternatives and new kingdoms, spells, traits and formats it provides.  Everything in-game is now automated and working flawlessly.
This means we are now in a position to do something not seen before in what we know as PBEM style games:  provide more for less.  It seems Alamaze is the torch bearer for our hobby of deep multi-player strategy, so we make this move in hopes of increasing the ranks of players, as well as rewarding the loyal players who’ve been enjoying Alamaze throughout the Resurgence.
Effective today, these new prices and service level details are in effect. 
Service Level Slots and Subscription:

Squire is a new type of service that keeps an account active and allows a player to join "All-in" priced games but provides no game slots.  Squires may also play Duels for $3.95 per Duel.  It's suitable to a player trying Alamaze for the first time or for experienced players that can't play on a regular basis but will join a game when able at the All-In rate.  Squires and all players with an active account are eligible for tournaments.   Subscription: $8.95 quarterly.

Scout provides one game slot active at a time and the subscription is $9.95 monthly that includes one free Duel monthly.  Goodbye barrier to new player entry, or for those wanting to stay on a strict budget.

Warrior provides two game slots and two free duels a month at $17.95.  So double the play of the old Scout Level Service for less money, and two free Duels a month.  Pretty convincing argument for Scouts to move to Warrior now.

Commander is three active slots, eligibility for assuming a standby position (add persona to Standby Queue), three free Duels a month, subscription is $25.95.  That's 6 bucks more than the old Scout.

Victor gives the player five active slots and two available places on the standby list and up to five free Duels a month.  Mentor the new guys.  Just $34.95 a month now.

Imperator provides 8 slots at a time.  So you might play Warlords, Confederations, Alliance, Steel and Primeval (total 8 slots) simultaneously.  If that's just not quite doing it, additional slots are now $5 instead of $9.  The Imperator subscription gives unlimited free Duels and 3 places on the standby list and is now $42.95 monthly.

Game Formats:

Five players, five kingdoms, maximum 24 turn length, usually 48 hour turn cycle.  
One slot and $4.95 setup or all-in (no slot) at $14.95.

These are usually games with restricted diplomacy where you control one kingdom. Variants have 12 and 10 kingdom (and player) games.
One slot and $9.95 setup or $27.95 all-in.

These are games with 4 teams of 3 players each controlling 1 kingdom.
One slot and $8.95 setup or $25.95 all-in.  A little cheaper than Steel because we think Alamaze is best with limited diplomacy that Alliance affords.

Five or six players each control 2 kingdoms, usually selected by draft.
Two slots and $17.95 setup or $44.95 all-in.

Four players control 3 kingdoms each.  Only very experienced and organized players should attempt.
Three slots and $25.95 setup or $59.95 all-in.

So this is madness.   Two players each control six kingdoms.  When one goes insane, the other (usually) wins.
Four slots and $39.95 setup or $79.95 all-in.  Relatively cheap given the six kingdoms (like six games) because Titan games rarely go past turn 12.