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Full Version: Primeval Battle of the Red Haired Stepchildren Deux
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Battle of the Red Haired Stepchildren Deux

This was a fun and close contest in its first campaign, so let's try it again with a new set of Rulers.  Players from the first RHSC can of course play again, but take a different kingdom.

It is another opportunity to prove your mettle with a kingdom that has not been commonly selected in The Choosing.  This format has no wizard kingdoms.  My Liege, pardon the inquiry, but, well, do you have hair on your chest?  Spunk?  Chutzpah?  Cojones? 

Five kingdoms have suffered for years without the wisdom and audacity of a leader like yourself.  Now the opportunity has come to change their fate and lead one people to glory, glory to be celebrated by their grateful citizens for generations (well, maybe weeks really).  Yes!  I see that fire in your eyes, great King!  You will rise!  You will triumph!
  • Silent
  • Primeval (five kingdoms, 24 turn game length)
  • Chivalry
  • $35 all-in (no slot used) or $10 setup and game slot - choose when you post here
  • Max 72 hour turnaround, faster play expected and appreciated

Claim your kingdom here on this thread - first come first served (or let the others choose first and take what's left just to further rub in the point).  Choose from these nations who just need a firm guiding hand to rise up:
  • Amazons (Torvale)
  • Atlantians (Eastern Steppes)
  • Black Dragons (Amberland)
  • Cimmerians (Northern Mists)
  • Nomads (Southern Sands)

The people plead, "My Prince, be our salvation!  Make us downcast no more!  Only you should reign!  Lift us up to become a great kingdom of Alamaze!"
Cimmerians. Use a slot please.
Put me all in for the $35.00.
You can use a slot for me.
$35.00, Nomads
The game is on the Game Creator.  Go ahead and join with your selected kingdom so when we get #5 in, the game will start right away.
I will take the Black Dragons and wrote support to open a couple of slots. And I can get my first couple of turns from the web site until my new email is put in the system. Thanks.
Do we declare second regions or is it a free for all? Also, I may be a little slow over the holiday but will pick it up soon after.
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