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Full Version: Primeval Battle of the Red Haired Stepchildren
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Battle of the Red Haired Stepchildren

My Liege, pardon the inquiry, but, well, do you have hair on your chest?  Spunk?  Chutzpah?  Cojones? 

Five kingdoms have suffered for years without the wisdom and audacity of a leader like yourself.  Now the opportunity has come to change their fate and lead one people to glory, glory to be celebrated by their grateful citizens for generations (well, maybe weeks really).  Yes!  I see that fire in your eyes, great King!  You will rise!  You will triumph!
  • Silent
  • Primeval
  • Chivalry
  • $40 all-in (no slot used) or $10 setup and game slot
  • Max 72 hour turnaround, faster play expected and appreciated
Claim your kingdom here on this thread - first come first served (or let the others choose first and take what's left just to further rub in the point).  Choose from these nations who just need a firm guiding hand to rise up:
  • Amazons (Torvale)
  • Atlantians (Eastern Steppes)
  • Black Dragons (Amberland)
  • Cimmerians (Northern Mists)
  • Nomads (Southern Sands)
The people plead, "My Prince, be our salvation!  Make us downcast no more!  Only you should reign!"
I'll take the Atlantians for $40 Alex
Never played the Amazons that I can recall. Count my cojones in. $40 all in.
I will take the Cimmerans
I'll try my hand as the Nomads.
I'll take the BL and the $40.00 option
Very good.  Someone want to create the game and then everyone Join in the game creator and get this thing going?

Good hunting all.
Que setup
Fixed Cities
Select Kingdom you signed up for
(03-16-2018, 01:29 AM)Ohman the heartless Wrote: [ -> ]Que setup
Fixed Cities
Select Kingdom you signed up for

Thanks, we still need two players who claimed a kingdom to visit and Join to get started.
I just signed up on the website as Nomads. I will choose the $40 option.
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