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Forum Decorum

The Alamaze Forum is the heart and soul of the Alamaze community.  It is strongly recommended that all players and prospective players visit daily if possible to get the latest news, games forming and to join those games of your choice, and to get informative answers to questions on game play specifics.
Right after you establish your new Alamaze account by signing up at (not .com), please take the next step and setup your forum account.   Please use the same persona for your forum handle as you chose for your in-game persona.  Give yourself a forum avatar and start participating on the forum: have fun.  There is a wealth of information there and when you are ready, join the queue for a game forming, but it is recommended you try the tutorial first, then the Duel Challenge Arena – a two player game where you likely can get a mentor to answer all your in-game questions.

While we want you to make the forum your own and be as active on the forum as much as you can be, there are a few ground rules that follow:
·        No personal attacks.  Do not mention a persona or player name in any kind of derogative or insulting way in your forum posts, ever.  These posts have always resulted in permanent damage to both parties as well as unsettling the player base.  The post will be deleted and the player warned.  A repeat will result in a temporary ban on the offending player posting.
·        Express your opinion on any matter under discussion or introduce a new one on a new thread, but don’t go on a rant repeating yourself especially when inferring those that disagree are stupid or something similar.  Violating this may result in a warning.
·        We are adults and have heard all the bad words before.  It is OK to use an occasional “colorful” word although the forum software may capture the grossly offensive ones, and don’t make your post a vulgar tirade.  This rarely has happened but may result in the post being deleted and a warning issued.
·        Spammers are always banned permanently.
·        You are encouraged to further participate in forum matters by adjusting the reputation of a persona in the left column of a post under the avatar.  This is often done with positive reputation adjustments when a particularly well done and informative after-action report (game summary for a kingdom) is done, or when a persona has given insightful answers to questions many players may have had.
·        Only I can ban players and I like to think I am fairly tolerant.
·        Have fun!