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Full Version: 24 hr Confederation Game
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Game 5042 will end Sunday.  I have totally enjoyed this fast paced Game.  Looking at the game types, I am thinking that this 24 hr confederation game was custom made for us.  I for one would like to get another one of these games started, as it only requires 6 or even 5 players to show interest.  
    Rick is it possible to open a request forum for another 24 hr confederation game.

Yeah, lets run with this.  We had a couple games end so hopefully the Alliance game fills quickly as well.
I'm in.
Two options listed on game creator both require 6 players
Confederation (6 Player, 2 Kingdoms, Team Victory, Must Choose Draft E Below, Player Plays 2 Kingdoms)
Confluence (6 Player, Zone Of 2 Kingdoms, No Dispersed, Single Victory, No Draft Possible, Player Plays 2 Kingdoms)

We just finished a confederation game could we do a confluence this time? Basically pick zones and play both kingdoms in that zone. Victory is one kingdom gets a normal victory type condition. I would say make it REX only.
I am in.
(09-21-2017, 11:59 PM)DuPont Wrote: [ -> ]I am in.

I am also in.
I am in too. Just would prefer confluence since we have played quite a few confederations lately
4 in so far. 2 more and we have a game can draft
I would prefer confluence as well.
I am open to either choice. The 24 hr turn around is what I really enjoyed.
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