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Full Version: Team Mentor Alliance Game
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4 teams of 3 players.  Each team must have at least one non podium player.   

Players willing to be team captains/mentors post or if you would like to play.  

Once we have 4 teams of 3 we will randomly select an order and the captains will pick which set of kingdoms they will take from list below.  Each team then privately figures out who will play each kingdom.  I will generate an anon magic game and we will signup each selecting there kingdoms

Green: DU/HA/TY *or* EL/GN/TY

Black: WA/NO/BL *or* DW/AN/RD

Blue:  SO/CI/AT *or* AM/NE/AT

Red:   UN/RA/DA *or* PI/IL/LI
I am in and will captain/mentor a team
I am in and will fill any role needed.
In on JD's team thanks
I will captain/mentor a team a team.
I don't want to captain and I don't want to be on JDs team(not due to not enjoying playing with him), but would be willing to help Ohman or Rellgar support a new player.
I'm in. If it works out Ill join Netstriders team. If you need to move me for balance reasons feel free to do so. Let's try and get teams as balanced as possible so the newer folks get the best possible experience.
When selecting does the team just say a color or a color and the 3 kingdoms?
I'm in
Is Ohman and Netstrider willing to be team captains? If so then we have 4 teams.
I belive JDs team is complete with PTRiley and Wookie.
Team Rellgar:
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