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Full Version: 10 Kingdom Full-On
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Fireworks: 10 Kingdom Full-On

Having last started an Anon game, I'd like to cancel 22, another Anon game and replace with this Full-On.  Choose any kingdom restricted just by one per zone.  Post here and on the queue.  You can change your kingdom selection up until the game fills.  Standard rules.
Can I play as the UN?
(07-04-2017, 06:06 PM)Tomag Ironfist Wrote: [ -> ]Can I play as the UN?

Yes, but then no Pirate in this game as they share a zone.  Taking the UN or the RD/TY means a regional zone will be empty, but that's ok.  Again, as you see the game forming you can change your selection (withdraw and join again). 

I'd like everyone to still post here as well as on the queue.  If someone posts here and not the queue their request should be honored if someone else posts on the queue but not here on the forum.


I'd like the WA. What is the queue?
The game signup queue available on the left side of the orders main page.
Is this the official sign up, or is it the que. I want DA here, and I have it also requested on the que.
From the Que

Sacred Order Dalon

Ranger Greyhawk
I would like everyone to post here on the signup thread for all formats other than Duel, and then join on the queue.  If anyone is confused or thinks there is a mistake, send a message to support.

The games will start as soon as the last player has joined the queue. 

So the answer is post both places.  Its something new, but we'll get accustomed to it and it has the advantage of avoiding human error (that would be me) in creating the game and also starting as soon as everyone is in, but I want us to continue discussion on the forum.
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