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Full Version: New Anonymous Game
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I'd like to propose a new Anonymous game. Random draft order after sign-up with Chiv bonuses for 11th and 12th (plus Chiv to non-podium). I'm obviously in. I can use the new Game Queue if that is required; just LMK.
I'm in!
I created an anon game on the game creator. Random cities sounds cool.
Im in
I'm in.
I see 5 players interested here plus myself but only see 4 of 10 signed up in the game queue net strider made. This game is a straight forward style game should be done through game queue.

Anyway I am IN

If this is not a queue I will just drop that when this fills
6/10 players have signed up. Sounds like a fun game and I would sign up for it myself but I'll be working on Alamaze's Solo/Tutorial game with Rick soon (when he feels better) and I won't have the time for a new game. For other players, this pending game was created with the "Draft B" style which means that the computer will randomly select the players when assigning kingdom choices. So it doesn't matter when you sign up for this game. You could be the last one to sign up for the game but the computer can randomly select you to pick first. The last two players that the computer selects will automatically receive a chivalry bonus.
I would normally be up for this game but I am super busy this summer.  I think I am going to take a hiatus until about mid august.

I will try to stay up on things on the forum in the mean time.
Looks like 8 of 10 spots filled in the game queue for this. Two more and we start
Latest anon game formed up

Is this correct? Multiple kingdoms in the same region in an anon game. I am not sure anyone signing up realized this was possible or Desired

Kingdoms in the game RD CI WA AM DU SO UN NE AT DA

You can see R2 and R4 have two kingdom and R5 R7 R8 R10 have none unless RD started in one of them
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