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Full Version: Join an Alliance!
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Alliance Colors

We haven't done an Alliance game (used to be called Magic) in a while, let's give that a shot.

This is four teams of three kingdoms, so 12 players each controlling one kingdom with two teammates.  Chivalry bonus for non-podium players. Win by the team controlling six regions.

Preset teams makes for a more balanced battleground in this format.  The alliances are:

Green:  Amazon, Elves, Underworld
Red: Cimmerian, Dwarves, Demon Princes
Black: Dark Elves, Tyrant, Sacred Order
Blue: Ancient Ones or Nomads, Halfling, Rangers

Sign up for a team, alone or with friends.  Select a team captain to allocate the kingdoms once the game fills (i.e., for team Blue, captain assigns who has the AN, HA and RA).

This is several players favorite format.  Diplomacy is within your team only.  We put extra emphasis on honor in this one: you've got two teammates counting on you so don't drop unless the whole team decides to late in the game.
I'm in for Team Black.
Team Black here!
Green for me, Ohman and Jon Doe
The Green Machine is set.
Sign me up for green!
I am for Team Red
I wish to join the Dark Side - team Black.
(05-09-2017, 11:31 PM)Eregnon Wrote: [ -> ]I wish to join the Dark Side - team Black.

My money is one the green team but I don't have a slot available and will have to sit this one out.
I believe the last time we had this format team Red won.

Looks like the Green and Black Alliances are set.  Red has one member.

Since Blue is lagging, I added the option of Nomads or Ancient Ones.  As my Michigan father-in-law would say, "GO BLUE!"
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