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Full Version: New game ideas
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I posted this suggestion for a new game on the new game creation site.  Just a thought.  Not sure if we are suppose to use the new site or the threads.  I like the idea of a slower to develop, longer game.  There is a game queing on the other site so after that one fills then we could start a sign up for this one if there is enough interest.  
How about: 10 player game, no dispersed. Random selection. Anonymous: Maybe Kingdom only communication on Forum, no players identified until the end. Pagan, no divinations,  50 turns, +4 orders, No declared allies. And 1 Random city per region
I would omit the +4 orders option. The bonus order option was requested for a game with a Most Artifacts victory condition and really doesn't apply for a normal victory type of game. Sounds good otherwise. I may join it myself as long as the random selection in your note meant the random cities option.

If you want random kingdom selection then even Draft B won't apply and it'll have to be a custom game. Rick won't be able to create this particular game due to the number of new options that you want included (the manual method of creating a game is somewhat limited and won't allow Rick to select some options).

So the game queue would allow for this type of game as long as people are able to choose their kingdom selection. If you want Draft B style, all players would have to choose 10 kingdoms in the order of preference at the time of signup and the computer randomly selects each draft position so you don't know what you'll get when the game starts.

As I mentioned some time ago, I would like to create a similar game (but with the Classic map, not Resurgent) to see how it all works together. Lots of new options so there may be some hiccups along the way so don't join my game if you're squeamish about such things. The options that I was planning on including are: Steel, 10-player, Classic map, Random Cities, Normal Victory, Partial Diplomacy (forum only), and Pagan.
I would join your game.
Sad to see your last post, I was looking forward to playing the above mentioned game. Classic map and all. I also liked the idea of more variability to the game setups and thought the game creator had good potential, maybe it could have been combined with the forum? Too bad.