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Full Version: New Confederations of Terror Game
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New Confederation game available for joining on the order entry website.

Read about it here
Please sign up for this game in this thread so we can conduct a traditional draft.

I am in.
wait the online version has some crap about auto drafting. I want to draft kingdoms. Is that what we are doing with it?

I would be in on a random draft position with a draft master (and would be fine with the computer being the draft master). Is that somethign that can be set up?
I'm still in.
2 teams of 3, privacy option on the draft (is it privacy in the main game, too?), aggregated team status points for victory (or the Rex)?
^^^I'm not sure what the post above is referring to.

5-6 teams of 2 emailed conducted draft with draftmaster, yes.
We could do:

Team A: 1st+12th, Team B: 2nd+11th, Team C: 3rd+10th, Team D: 4th+9th, Team E: 5th+8th, Team F: 6th+7th

With 50K chivalry to Team A (25k to each kingdom) and 25K to Team B (25K to 1 Kingdom, the later pick).
I would be okay with A-F random with chivalry as you have set out.

I am in on such a scenario
Can someone tell me what the rules of a confederation game Is? Never played one.
I should be able to be your draft master if you get 2 or 3 more people to play. Looks like a pretty good group so far and one of my favorite formats
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