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Full Version: New Confederations of Terror Game
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Thanks Tons!! J D
thank you Jon
Much appreciated JonDoe
Mike and I are working out the new game creator software.  I suppose I am somewhat of a dinosaur (I still have CD's instead of ITunes), but I don't know that we really want to have multiple games queuing up at this point.  I like the forum to be active and have players discuss what they want here, instead of a separate site. 

So I believe I will be creating this new Confederations game (thanks Jon Doe for the draft), but might wait an hour or two to make sure that is correct.
Have you given up on us master Rv Vor?
I guess this one was not automatically created.

Sorry, will try to get it out in the next couple hours.
This game was created.
Was meant to be Anon but we'll cope...
Sorry its been a strange day.  Obviously hoping to straighten things out with Mike.  Was surprised by the auto game creator.
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