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Full Version: New Confederations of Terror Game
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(04-26-2017, 06:54 PM)RELLGAR Wrote: [ -> ]Can someone tell me what the rules of a confederation game Is? Never played one.

Similar to warlords except you only control two kingdoms.   So each player controls two kingdoms normally needing 6 regions between the two kingdoms to win the game.  There is no REX victory only team.   I find it is a more challenging game than warlords because you can not get as much synergy as three kingdom but still have more firepower and harder to take out than a single player game.
(04-26-2017, 10:36 AM)Atuan Wrote: [ -> ]wait the online version has some crap about auto drafting.  I want to draft kingdoms. Is that what we are doing with it?

I would be in on a random draft position with a draft master (and would be fine with the computer being the draft master).  Is that somethign that can be set up?

What crap are you talking about? We've done many drafts of people submitting all 12 kingdom choices before the draft began regardless of the type of game. So what's the "crap"? I've already mentioned on the game queue thread that if that wasn't what the players wanted, they can do so manually on the forums. Some people...
OK I'll play, this will be my first confederation  game. I'll sign up on the que also. Oh hown many slots does this game cost and setup Fee?
It's not on the game que.
I am still in.
I think I still qualify for Chivalry, not sure.
I believe that's five players without DIWS (let us know if you're in). We can start the draft or wait for one more player as people prefer.

Also, all HC issues must be secret and no declaring allies outside your two kingdoms. Did I forget anything else?
I am ok with going for just 5
I would prefer 6
If Avantar is in doesn't that make 6? Or am I counting wrong?
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