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Full Version: New Full on Diplomacy Game
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With no open sign ups I figured I would start a new one.

I am open to random draft order or first come first serve.
Yes, this is about due in the rotation.  Let's say first come, first served, 11 and 12 get Chivalry as do all other non-podium. 

Bang a Gong: Get it On!
Sign me up.....
Pick your kingdom.  Atuan then Avantar then everyone else.
Avantar can have first pick
(04-12-2017, 01:51 PM)Atuan Wrote: [ -> ]Avantar can have first pick

So your giving him the UN?
I already played the UN.. and while its extremely fun to play I am going to play something different. If you are playing I will give you 2nd pick and take 3rd.
I think I'm in then, lol
I already had the UN and I am working on playing Kingdoms I have not yet.
This time I will take the RA
sign me up as the RD
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