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Full Version: New Primeval game
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I was wondering if anyone is interested in a Primeval game? I have not played a game in what seems to be ages...I figured I'd give it another shot and see how it goes this time.
Welcome back, I'm full up a the moment, but we have a lot of new players since you last played.
I think we have a few other players who have asked about a Primeval game.  Let's do Cutthroat meaning you post your kingdom, but when we get our five players, you have about a day (depending on when the fifth joins) to change kingdoms as many times as you like up to the deadline.

So, post your initial kingdom selection.  This will be a mixed experience game with Chivalry (+25k gold to starting treasury of less experienced players).
Well i have been looking for a game and so im in. Are we doing without wizards and RD? If so, i choose Rangers, been wanting to play them. Diplomacy/ready button pls.
Yes, let's agree it is full diplomacy, no Red Dragon or wizard kingdoms or Demon Princes in this format.  Ready enabled as are all games now unless specified otherwise.
This game is with classic kingdoms only right? No 3rd cycle kingdoms?
Elves, Cimmerians, Dwarves,Amazons, Sacred Order, ATlantians, Gnomes or Halflings, Lizards or Darkelves, Nomads are available.No wizards or dispersed in this game.
(03-21-2017, 01:52 PM)Mad Hatter Wrote: [ -> ]This game is with classic kingdoms only right? No 3rd cycle kingdoms?

No, its 3rd Cycle.  Kingdoms appear early in the General Rules (among other places).  General Rules available on the order entry site under Help Guides and here on the forum under 3rd Cycle Rules and Resources.

BTW, we can still create 2nd Cycle games, just haven't had demand for it.
Could someone provide a link with all the game setups for the kingdoms? and possibly a first turn? I had got rid of all my original data so I don't remember what kingdoms start with. As for all the new kingdoms. I was not around for that so I do not know what they start with or whats special about them.

Once I look over the new kingdoms, I will decide who I want to play as.
Pretty much everything is under the forum topic "3rd Cycle Rules and Resources".  You would probably want to look at Kingdom Summary Dossiers there.

Everything is also available under Help Guides in the web order entry site.
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