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Full Version: March Confederation Game Signup
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New Confederation game.  5-6 players play two kingdoms each determined by draft.
I'll just say, the game will likely be created the day after I am told the positions have been assigned.  Games where it is first come first served can be created within an hour or two.
I'm In please.
I'm in. 3 more players needed.
I'm ready to get into a new game and I believe this is the only open signup going. If people would prefer to do a Warlords game instead of Confederation I am open to that. With the Ready button the games can really fly in the early turns especially Smile
Does that count as two slots? I have one free and looking for a new game to start.
Bumping this with 5 days left in the month. I believe a Warlords game does take 2 slots, I am not sure about a Confederation game...
Warlords Ready is three slots, Confederations 2.
I'll play either warlords, or confederation. Whichever we can fill.
I am in for Warlords. Not in for Confederation
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