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Full Version: 4th Cycle and Maelstrom and Maps
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We kind of morphed the Resurgent map representing both the Resurgence of Alamaze in 2013 and the map itself of Alamaze, the next release will be 4th Cycle. 

One concept is while 3rd Cycle is called Resurgence, 4th Cycle may be called Maelstrom, but one of a hundred differences would include various maps, developed over time, with a second map to come in a few months.

So a game format will stipulate a map as well, which will feature different aspects of strategy.

See if this early draft for the first map of Maelstrom comes through, just the concept, of course the terrain etc to be added.  I just want to hear some strategy given there will be a complete rework of the naval aspect - fleets will be on the map like groups.  Different ship types comprising fleets like different brigades comprising groups.  Commodores and Admirals.  Different tactics.  Transports, Merchantmen, Battleships, all of different classes, capabilities and abilities, of course.

Lots of bridges / canals but also many more strategic points.

See what you think of the strategic implications.  Probably 3 northern all land regions of winter, 4 temperate regions (no seasonal effects), and 3 southern regions. 

A group can move from land area to land area, even though there is a crossing (minor sea presence in the area but not the terrain of the area).  Fleets can traverse crossings going from sea area to sea area even if it appears there is a land bridge.

This map is drafted to be called:
This draft map is not intend to bedazzle, its just a sketch at this point of how it would effect strategy and you can't see the naval changes yet. 

One idea is an admiral with three class three ships of merchantman or battle class could sail from east to west (A to Z column) or vice versa and that kingdom then able to move that way.

The interconnecting islands are an area of desired comment.  The north cannot directly get to the central temperate zones without fleets, but many of the central islands can be traversed among themselves without fleets.  Southern regions have the same outlook:  they can ignore fleets for the most part and focus on their land neighbors or plot their northern ascent to temperate and more plentiful lands (not subject to seasons)  So generally, central regions will have kingdoms like Atlantians and Pirates, but they are desirous lands of all who in time will have the navies to invade.
Due to the requirement of fleets I wonder if the top and bottom center regions will come under attack many times by both the edges. I would think most would resolve the land area before heading out to sea or plan to do the sea portion more politically. Likewise the sea regions are more inclined to attack other sea areas where there strength is.

Perhaps even a slightly larger sea area but really some of the land areas can reach into parts of the water region and parts of the water region reach into the land areas.