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Full Version: New Full Diplomacy Game
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Assuming this has Rick's blessing (and since both Team Games seem to have stalled), let's see if there's more interest in a Full Diplomacy Game.

First 12, draft master will set the draft order.

And I'm in!
Me too
Can I play in this game? How do we pick kingdoms?
Yes, you can play. After all 12 players have signed up, a draft master will randomly determine which order you pick in (from 1st to 12th) to select your kingdom.
OK, I just don't like to keep some previous queues hanging.  A reminder, you can remove yourself from a game format to join a different one on the forum. 

What say ye to having this contest be without the five wizard kingdoms?  I'd like to have players experience some of the other kingdoms and the wizard kingdoms have been the most often chosen so far.

Also will like to see how this two stage signup works for a diplomacy game.  I guess the hope is the last several choices signups are quicker with a random order, vs. players knowing what kingdom they are signing up for.
Full Diplomacy (No Wizard Kingdoms)

JohnDoe (Chivalry)
Further to the point, how about all 12 players choose a kingdom they have never played before.  I don't think anyone has yet played all 19 non-wizard kingdoms.
I am in.  Open to any position.
Put me for chivalry
I am in
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