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Full Version: New Confederations Game
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Interest in a new Confederation game?  6 players control two kingdoms each, determined either by a draft or by preset kingdom couplings. (Would also consider a no wizard kingdom contingency if people are interested).
I'm in. Only 5 more needed Smile
Confederations (control 2 kingdoms, 5 players so 10 kingdoms or 6 players and 12 kingdoms) is the recommended way to acclimate to Alamaze controlling multiple kingdoms without being overwhelmed.

To introduce players to Confederations, I recommend we have predetermined Confederations, meaning six balanced, selected groups of two kingdoms (not a draft).  I request either Jumpingfist do the teaming, or Drogo, but a player in the game doing the selection can't pick before 4th. 

Normally a Confederations setup is $30 and two slots, but if you are a player who has not finished in the top 3 in Confederations or Warlords, we'll waive the setup fee for this game. 

Once the pairings are posted, first come, first served to post here to

Join the Conflict!
5 player teams


Claim your team.
There's Magic in the Air!

Each confederation has a wizard kingdom.

The mobile Black Dragons with a Phoenix on board from the get-go in rich Amberland are accompanied by the crafty Illusionist in Arcania.  While this is central territory in Alamaze, this is the only "connected" confederation in the game.

The underrated and versatile Lizard Kingdom in Synisvania is joined by the popular Druid up in Oakendell.  Some significant terrain advantages in home territory. 

The gold producing Halflings who can nose into trades by all kingdoms to discern part of the strategy of others in Runnimede paired with cati-cornered Warlock in Talking Mountains.  Could the portals be useful here?

The quick and strong Nomads with an assortment of traits in the Southern Sands matched with the feared Necromancer in the Northern Mists.

The mysterious Atlantians and their vast fleets, capital in the Eastern Steppes partner with the Sorcerer of Torvale.

Who do you like?  Claim them and experience Alamaze Confederations!
Since you offer the no set-up for those who have not won one and I have never played confederate...I will take the Warlock/Halfling
3 more players. I will choose after the next pick or two.
If people would prefer a draft I'd be up for it.
I wonder if it would be feasible to play a 'Ready' Confederations game. I think that would be great.
(01-11-2017, 09:30 PM)Drogo Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if it would be feasible to play a 'Ready' Confederations game.  I think that would be great.

I am up for that.
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