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Full Version: New Format: 1st Cutthroat
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First Cutthroat!  Come Get Some!

Some people have asked for an additional game to queue up, and also maybe specifically a Primeval styled game.

So this variant we call Cutthroat.

Five kingdoms, five players on Resurgence.  Claim a spot in the game for your persona and a kingdom (one per zone).  Once five players are in, based on the time stamp of the fifth player, you have 24.00 hours to change your kingdom selection if you like.

So for example, as long as you claim Red Dragons, no one else can after that claim Red Dragons until you give it up.  24:00 hours from fifth player in, not 24.01.  Doesn't matter if I monitor, anything after 24:00 is disregarded. 

I will edit this post if this is incorrect, but I believe Primeval games are $35 all in, don't count as a game slot, and run a max of 24 turns.

Instead of Silent, I'd like the Cut Throat version to have forum only diplomacy, but only after turns 1 (not 0), 4, 7 etc., no alliances, and no trading.  Forum only.

In the future, I will ask Mike to modify this Cutthroat format to eliminate 1 player each turn after turn 6, 12, 18 and 24 on status points.  Get those artifacts!
If I'm wrong let me know

1 RD
2 UN
3 AM
4 RA
5 NO
6 DU
7 NE
8 WA
9 BL
10 GN
11 DE
12 LI
(12-23-2016, 10:43 PM)Ohman the heartless Wrote: [ -> ]If I'm wrong let me know

1  RD
2  UN
3  AM
4  RA
5  NO
6  DU
7  NE
8  WA
9  BL
10 GN
11 DE
12 LI

No.  Five players can take one of two possible kingdoms per zone.  There are 12 zones, so 7 zones will be empty.  Four regions to win, or status points on end of turn 24.
Ok, then I choose AM or SO
(12-23-2016, 11:11 PM)Ohman the heartless Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, then I choose AM or SO

OK, you will be first persona in, and temporarily or permanently claim either Amazon or Sorcerer, but you have to pick one or the other now.  Not just a zone.  The comment on zone was just to clarify if you take Sorcerer a second player cannot claim Amazon unless you switch out of Sorcerer to a kingdom in a different zone, which you can do anytime up until 24 hours after the fifth player has claimed a spot.  Maybe that explained the idea batter.
Ok I will take the AM then.
Awesome format. Wish I had some free time.
Red Dragon
DA please. Are we doing chivalry?
(12-24-2016, 07:46 AM)Wookie Panz Wrote: [ -> ]DA please.  Are we doing chivalry?

Yes.  I'm kind of thinking the default should be Chivalry and the exception not Chivalry.
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