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Netstrider and I are looking for two others to play in a Warlords game with a few special draft rules. If interested contact me at:
I'd be interested in a Confederation game (2 kingdoms) but for whatever reason I am a complete disaster with Warlords games and I'm not ready to try my hand at another.

If anyone's interested in a Confederation game I would be up for it.
You might consider Drogo's Confederation offer.  Then you'd have 3 and could be an 8 or 10 kingdom game (4 or 5 players) to get things moving.  You might still be able to put in whatever house rules you have in mind.
I could do Confederation.
^^^ Ok, for me.
It looks like UM has the 'Ready' button all ready. Wondering if a confederation game with the 'Ready' button might interest anyone?
(12-31-2016, 11:29 AM)Drogo Wrote: [ -> ]It looks like UM has the 'Ready' button all ready.  Wondering if a confederation game with the 'Ready' button might interest anyone?

I believe the Ready button is ready for Duel games only at present.  Look for a new special for Duel in January to kick it off.
We need to hear from the original two if they want to move to Confederations or hang on for Warlords.  If Confederations, then we need one or two more players.  In Confederations, you control two kingdoms.  It generally has worked best with preassigned kingdoms to choose from, but could be done with a draft by kingdom - up to players to decide.
I'm still more interested in a Warlords but feel free to generate a Confederation game.
Here's what the Warlords version Netstrider and I are looking to play with two others:

Use the non-dragon, low wizard cap kingdoms. So the 12 kingdoms we’d be drafting from would be:


With Warlord rules/drafting order below, turns twice a week.

1) Ally declarations, trades, and gifts are only allowed between your own three Kingdoms
2) No HC issues are allowed to help another player's Kingdoms
3) All HC issues must be by SECRET ballot, and if a player accidentally proposes an open ballot issue, all players must abstain on that vote (i.e., it fails)
4) No drops before T20 (i.e., orders issued through T20)
5) Notify everyone as soon as you decide to drop, rather than allowing the computer to do it
6) No sending messages to other players by using new character names
7) No Sea Patrols on T1
8) Anonymous (so nobody knows who is playing which kingdoms)
9) 7 regions to win

Draft Order
A: 1+5+12 (18)
B: 2+8+10 (20)
C: 3+6+11 (20)
D: 4+7+9 (20)

Lastly, hears an optional rule (but would be quite interesting in my opinion) that I propose for drafting. When drafting your 2nd and 3rd kingdom, it may NOT be adjacent to a zone you have already drafted unless there is no other non-adjacent zone left (the two dispersed kingdoms TY and PI can ignore this rule when selected and don’t count as adjacent to any other zone). So for example, if your first pick was the DW in R3 zone, you could NOT later select the CI in R2 or the AT in R6 since they would be adjacent to R3 unless you had no other non-adjacent zones to pick from. The draft judge would enforce this while selecting. This would prevent us from just ending up with our kingdoms clustered in the 4 corners. Just a thought…. if everybody wanted to try it.
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