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Full Version: Silent Night with Holy Knights
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Thanksgiving Silent Steel

Let's Do it Silently.  12 player, first come first served to claim zone in a Silent (no diplomacy, but positions selected with sign up) Steel (individual) format. Last two get Chivalry bonus.

If this game fills by 5pm this Thursday, setup is just $10.

Post early - get that kingdom!
Zone 4
For a bit of a twist, yes, just declare zone for now, and then we'll have 24 hours after the game fills to specify the kingdom - change as often as you like up until the deadline, then the game is created. If someone doesn't select in those 24 hours, I'll toss a coin.
Zone 6 please
zone 8
Zone 2 please
[Zone] 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate? Sorry, couldn't resist... thought I was at a high school game for a moment! Smile
I will take zone 9
I will take Zone 1
I will silently take zone 7
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