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Full Version: Form Your Alliance - To Arms!
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Form Your Alliance - To Arms!

Based on recent discussion and the conclusion of the last Alliance game, seems it is time for a new Alliance game. 
Alliance is four teams of three.  It has been done both by draft and by preset Alliances.  I favor the preset as it is impartially setup to obtain a balance, whereas we've seen results of drafts where one scattered team is under the gun from the get-go.  So I propose preset Alliances and nominate Jumpingfist to identify the kingdoms and Alliances.  (He can still be in the game).  Selection of teams will be in inverse order of total Valhalla 3rd Cycle points.

I'd further request getting new teammates this time, perhaps some you have never played with before to help broaden the binds in the community.  So please don't sign up with former teammates.  I'd further request each team has one non-podium player if possible.  If not, just not two top 10 Valhalla players on the same team.  The non-podium positions will have Chivalry (+25k starting gold).  $15 setup.

You can sign up here either solo or with a teammate or the whole team.  Teams are Red, Black, Blue and Green.

Let's Get it Started!
Team Green please! Prefer chatty communicators as teammates who really want to work together.
I am up for a team game. I played with net during the 5 vs 5 game, not sure if that counts or not. I am willing to be on any team color but I do want people who talk and plot strategies together.
I am up for a team. The team players i have worked with before are atuan, dupont, and netstrider. I have chivalry so more experienced players would be better for me.
I'm  interested  (chivalry ) if someone will have me. 

where is the kingdom break down for the 4 team. (thread)
Found them under Ryvor's threads form your alliance
Please sign me up for Team Blue
Non Podium Chivalry
(11-03-2016, 03:28 PM)RELLGAR Wrote: [ -> ]I'm  interested  (chivalry ) if someone will have me. 


I don't see where the team's are listed. Can we get better organized please?
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