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Full Version: DUEL! Championship: Become the Militaris!
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I'd like to start the DUEL! Championship for 2016.

I'm thinking 12 players but if there is interest we will try to get to 18.  This all on Centauria of course.

The top 50% in status points move to the second round.  If someone drops between rounds, we add someone lower from the tournament, or perhaps someone not even in round 1.

In the first round, we will randomly pit the players against each other and each will play the Dwarves and the Elves against each other, so two simultaneous DUELS.  $20 total for both, no game slots consumed.

2nd round likely something like Warlock vs. Sorcerer, play both spots simultaneously, $20.  This will be the top 6 status points from round 1, or more if more than 12 players.  Players again randomly paired in round 2.  

Then the top 2 total status points play for the Championship with simultaneous games of 2 kingdoms to be determined.

The winner is given the title of Militaris, which is Latin for tactician.  And given 3 free setups in a 12 player format, as well as the obvious prestige. 

We'll get a volunteer to do the random pairing for round 1. 

Pick up Your Sword and Shield.  March to the sound of battle.  Win Glory and Honor!

First 12 in, then subject to decision to extend to 18.  Post your persona for your chance to become the first Militaris in Alamaze. 
(08-08-2016, 12:18 AM)Jumpingfist Wrote: [ -> ]I am in but would like a guarantee the rules for advancement will not change during the current round being fought.

Also for status points is it a single game or both games added together?

We'll always make the game the best it can be.  That said, there is nothing on the board to change currently. 

Its status points for both first round games to get to the 2nd round, and points from all 4 games to get to the finals.  If somehow we get 18 or more, we may have an additional round.
I have deleted my post. Not interested to start a discussion on this topic. Feel free to delete this post as well if you wish
I'm happy to join this.

The only comment I have is that having played 4 duels (with 2 completed) I would guess that the DW v. EL game is weighted pretty heavily on the EL side. Without decent Ward and Sleep abilities I think the DW might be at a pretty significant disadvantage. Still, each player will have a chance at each side so I can live with it. I also wonder if, in addition or instead of a straight status point total as determinate whether it might be better to weight wins (perhaps by turn) as a determining factor. A win gets you 5 points and a win before T12 gets you 8 points or something of this nature. You'd have to play the game differently if Status points are the only goal, no?
The smart tactician would not fight at all. Build agents and split the victory with his opponent on turn 18.
Yep. Carrying status points means fast wins hurt you.
Remember a couple things.   Interim status points are 25% of final.  So a level 10 agent gets you 50 points on turn 12, but 200 points if won on turn 13.  So I don't see the logic in just playing lax to go to turn 18 if an earlier win is possible.  Basically a win means you get the status points - you'll get 2000 points for controlling the two regions not to mention 5000 points for winning.  I wouldn't sweat the interim 50 points.

I expect most players will favor the Elves, but I have had a lot of recent experience with the Dwarves and find them underrated.  When you have five Red Dragon groups buzzing around for 15 turns in your region, it can be difficult, but in actual battles the Dwarves have won.  Barrage is very strong. 

Anyway, we will see.  I think people would like the competition, but if not, we move on.  Its for the players, not exactly a win for the company.
I would prefer this to be a straight win/loss situation.
^^^^ I think I have to agree.

Could be two games and whomever claims one victory first moves on...

Would be neat to one day to have an EL v EL contest.
I actually like that. First victory wins. Status points are tie breaker. But they don't carry to next round/opponent.
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