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Full Version: Form Your Alliance! Call to Arms!
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Form Your Alliance!  Call to Arms!

This is a 12 player 2x weekly Wednesday / Saturday team (Alliance) game; 4 teams of 3 kingdoms each.  Victory is by one Alliance controlling 6 Regions, or Lion's Share if not won by turn 40.

Just sign up here either stag or with your team, then a draft will be conducted for kingdoms in The Choosing format.  This game will have the Chivalry (25k gold) bonus for any persona who has not been on the podium. 

This format has diplomacy limited to your two other Alliance members, so is sort of in between Anonymous and Full-On.  The Alliances are Blue, Red, Green, and Black.

Get in the game!
The Gray Mouser offers his services, such as they are, to two willing members of The Black Alliance.
Team chartreuse is in (Atuan, JF, Tomag)
If needed I'll join. To be clear I'll play on black but will also fillin on other teams if that works better for game generation
I will be the third player in the black alliance
Welcome to the jungle!

Just need 2 teams now
need 2 more teams of 3 or 6 individuals wanting to play as a team.
still looking for 2 more teams. Jump up and join
Looking for Blue and Red teams still
I might be up for this one.
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