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Full Version: Windows 10 Turn Parser
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Like Bananas, I thought it would be a fun project to build a turn parser. But I'm a Windows software developer, so it had to be done on that platform!

The result is "AlaClient", a Windows "modern" application. It requires Windows 10. I realize most of you probably have not upgraded to Windows 10 - but I can recommend doing so. Windows 10 is a pretty great OS in my opinion - and I've been doing this for a long time! Much better than the annoying Windows 8.1. If you have Windows 10, then open the store and search for "AlaClient".

The application functions similarly to the Bananas Parser. There is still a ton of stuff to add to it and bugs lurking in various places I'm sure. But I like it and you might like it too!

To get started after the install click the disk icon. Click "New Game File". In the box type just the game number, e.g. "198", and then click "New Game". Then click the "+" and select game turns from a directory where you've downloaded all the .html files. Make sure your start with turn 0, though, or things might go wonky. After that it's pretty self explanatory. Totally fun to load a 20 turn game and rewind/fast forward through your turns!

I intend to add a movement tracker soon, but am fairly busy so it might take a while.

Of course this is a fully functional client application and the intent is to have it connect to the Alamaze server someday so you can enter turns. But that might take a while to get the server components in place, but if you feel like encouraging Rick & Mike go for it! Smile

Feedback welcome and encouraged.
Looking forward to it!
Perfect timing, as I'm slowly fading into the background. I wish I had Windows 10, just so I could see it, but I'm still on 32bit Vista Sad