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Full Version: #510 - The Choosing 1st Primeval
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The Choosing: 1st Primeval

Post your diplomacy and thoughts here.  Don't be shy about asking questions.

Good hunting!
Greetings Fellow Lords!

The Red Warlock ("Red" to my friends) can be reached through david.mowers at

If this is your first game don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions. I've played in a few games now (although not very well!) and two of the betas for 3rd cycle. I am more interested in developing my kingdom and experimenting with the new rules rather than winning a crushing victory here in this game.

Good luck and have fun!

The Sorcerer Kingdom can be contacted through

Likewise, I am looking to stretch the bounds of the SO Kingdom through development and diplomacy.

Looking forward to this game!
Greetings Exalted Ones! My Kingdom (Gnomes) would like to learn the intricacies of this new Age as well.

Lojjin can be reached at:
Has anyone received contact information for the Atlanteans?
I haven't yet.
Nor have I.
My ears were burning, the Atlantians can be contacted at