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Full Version: The Choosing: 1st Full-On
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Bring it on:  Full On!

This is the original format and main consideration for design in The Choosing, and for the new kingdoms in The Choosing.  Full diplomacy.
  • 6pm Thursday is the first time a kingdom or zone can be claimed.  Any posts before that time by others will have to be deleted in order to be fair.
  • Claim one position in any one game after 6pm Thursday.  Then after 9pm Thursday, you may claim positions in the other two formats if you choose.
  • If you intend to work with another player from the beginning, or just enjoy the limited diplomacy format, please join the Alliance format.  Players may also join the queue for Alliance as a free agent, to be drafted onto a team or to invite others in later.  Let's try something new and please claim under an Alliance name of Red, Blue, Green, or Black.  If not committed to a team, claim you spot as "Free".
  • For the Full-On format, please claim your Zone (1 - 10) initially or Dispersed 1 or 2.  After the 12 positions are claimed, players will have 24 hours to choose their kingdom from the two options.  It is fine to change your choice of the two up until the deadline.  Should be an interesting twist!
  • Turn around will be 4-4-6 days.

    Claim Your Zone!  First come, first served starting 6pm Thursday March 17.
Kingdoms of The Choosing

Zone:           Potential Kingdoms:
   1               High Elves or Druid
   2               Cimmerians or Necromancer
   3               Dwarves or Warlock
   4               Sorcerer or Amazons
   5               Black Dragons or Sacred Order
   6               Demon Princes or Atlantians
   7               Gnomes or Halflings
   8               Rangers or Illusionist
   9               Dark Elves or Lizard Kingdom
  10              Ancient Ones or Nomads
  D1              Underworld or Pirates
  D2              Red Dragon or Tyrant
I'm in. Zone 9 please.
Please sign me up for “Full Diplomacy”. My choices for zones are listed here in order of preference:
1st choice   D1
Next choices    Zone 7, 2, 4, 3, 1, 10, 8, 9, 5, 6
Last choice D2
… and please sign Dupont up for the Anonymous game! (In case I don't get to that thread on time!)

Thank you!
region 1 please
Acererak: Zone 9
Damelon: Dispersed 1
Atuan: Zone 1

You don't need a preference list for this, just claim what's available to you when you post, thanks.
Can't believe Atuan stole my Druids.

Region #2 please.
I'm sorry but I'm going anonymous.
Damelon: Dispersed 1
Atuan: Zone 1
Netstrider: Zone 2
I do think the zone signup is very cool. Would be exciting to see who makes a surprise move and picks perhaps an older kingdom vs new

Perhaps when T0 comes out someone can post in the active games the selections.
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