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Full Version: Looking for a non Anon or Team Game
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Anyone have an interest in either?
We're due for a Magic game.  Four teams of three kingdoms won by team victory (6 regions) only.  communication only within your team. 

This is popular for the blend of sometimes intense communication with the two teammates, but relieved of communication with the other 9 kingdoms.  A team victory can be very satisfying.

I'd suggest Chivalry (+25k gold for non-podium personas), standard 4-4-6, a draft with all 15 kingdoms available.

Other details can be discussed.  Join with your two teammates, or be a free agent and be recruited by other players.
I would be interested in joining either a new Steel Anon game or Dual Duel Anon game if there is any interest in one of these formats from other players. I'd be especially up for the two kingdom Dual Duel format but will sign up for either of these formats when people are ready.

Probably will be my last 2nd cycle harrah before jumping into 3rd cycle when it comes online.
Why not make the 5 vs 5 you last hurrah Drogo?
Is it anon?