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Full Version: Dual Duel II - Experienced Players
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Control Two Great Kingdoms in an Epic Battle Against
Five of the Greatest Alamaze Players!

Here we go with the interesting hybrid Dual Duel - control two kingdoms selected through draft whose details will be published by Head Honcho, although the draft will be conducted by someone else if he chooses to play.

This contest is limited to Victor and Imperator Service Level players.  It is Anonymous, with two turns per week (perhaps Sunday and Thursday if Mike can manage), with Rex (4 regions controlled by one kingdom) and Team (six regions controlled by two kingdoms) the possibilities.  For a twist, we will go with the Pagan format this time out: no High Priestess in the game and so no Ancient Ones HP orders.  This contest counts as two game slots.

Claim your position in this exciting campaign by posting below: just your persona, not your kingdom preferences.

To War!
Question for Ry Vor, do you want five total players (ten Kingdoms), or six total players (12 Kingdoms)? EDIT: Looks like "against" five other players, so six players total.

Standard house rules are as follows:

1) Ally declarations, trades, and gifts are only allowed between your own three Kingdoms
2) Enemies can be freely declared, but you cannot later declare an enemy neutral
3) No HC issues are allowed to help another player's Kingdoms
4) All HC issues must be by SECRET ballot, and if a player accidentally proposes an open ballot issue, all players must abstain on that vote (i.e. it fails)
5) No drops before T15 (i.e. final orders issued on T15, per Rick's request)
6) Notify everyone as soon as you decide to drop, rather than allowing the computer to do it
7) No sending messages to other players by using new emissary names

Draft is a simple snake draft (first to last, followed by last to first).  You can do it openly if you want a "silent" game, or through a draft captain (JF, LD, me are the most common) if you want a fully "anonymous" game.
What determines the order of the draft, ie, who goes or chooses order first:  status points, podium appearances, order of signup, claiming a draft position when signing up, something else?
For Warlords I use a preference list, but for six players that might be a bit more challenging... if players prefer to go with silent, they can just claim their draft position as they sign up. If players prefer anonymous, the draft captain can either allow the players to choose their draft position in order of signup, or reverse order of status points. I'd guess that signup order might be better to get this one off the ground more quickly.

EDIT: I'm happy to be the draft captain, since slots and time won't allow me to play in this one. Let's go full anonymous, might be more fair that way. Signup order.
My preference in experienced player games is that things like draft order be completely random not by who saw the post first. There are plenty of sites to generate random numbers. Asign each player a letter and then have the randomizer pick the order sending the mail to everyone

I am also good with HHs way of you pick your spot and contested spots are resolved by the same program mentioned above.

Basically experienced player games should be as equal footing as possible.

I also love the Thursday Sunday idea. But I am weighting for 3rd cycle at this point.
Speaking only for myself, I hate random order... I don't mind getting last pick, but I'd rather pick my own fate than get assigned something.
I have one signup for this so far. Five more needed. E-mail me at AlamazeHH at gmail dot com if you want to play.
Two signups in.
I have a third signup, but only if the Sun/Thu cycle can be implemented.
I have a fourth signup, but this player also will only be able to play if the Sun/Thu cycle can be implemented.
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