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Full Version: Two Team Primeval - Six Kingdoms
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This will be a six kingdom contest with two teams of three kingdoms.  No more than one Podium player per team.  Diplomacy only within the team.  This should be a good format for new players and for maybe two experienced players that can help teach the game.

Team win only - this format we will say control seven regions. Maximum 24 turns, or winner determined by total status points at end of turn 24. Turns are standard 4-4-6 days pace.

The two teams are:

High Elves

Dark Elves

I believe that is pretty balanced and two teams against their natural enemies.

Just claim your kingdom below, but again, no more than one podium player per side.
Sign me up as the Dark elves please!
Oh, and as we have been doing in Primeval games, players have a choice of $10 setup and game slot or a flat $40 fee and no game slot used.
I have not yet played the Rangers. Sign me up fir the RA and I will pay the $40 thanks
Trolls and flat fee please
Flat fee as well for me thanks!
I would like the High Elves, please. Standard setup.
GN standard, please
We need our High King of the Dwarves and we are set to go!  You can sign up as the DW and have your game start within 48 hours.

Well done, Peoples!
(09-19-2015, 09:34 PM)bananas Wrote: [ -> ]GN standard, please

 Uh-oh   Bananas with gnome again.
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