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Full Version: Fire of the Void and Special Effects
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It is very rare that anyone tosses an artifact into the Fire of the Void. This is likely because there is no great reason to do so. What if the sacrifice actually did something?

1. Palantir or Scrying Mirror: Causes all magical scrying in the game to fizzle that turn.
2. Weapon Artifact: Causes all weapon artifacts to go inert that turn or causes them to have double effect.
3. Wizard Artifact: Causes all combat spells to fizzle that turn.
4. Agent Artifacts: Causes all other agent artifacts to have a negative effect that turn; perhaps they all glow and make a loud noise just when the agent was about to use it, giving him away.
5. Benevolent Artifacts: The mounts refuse to fly and the rest are inert for a turn.

Played properly, this could have a strategic effect on the game and could make the Fire of the Void much more popular. Of course, the order would need to be earlier in the turn.