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Full Version: Square DS
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Random thing I just noticed... but is square DS really supposed to be a desert square?  Doesn't look that way on the map, but it's listed that way on the Excel sheet, and so I'm just wondering if that's actually as intended. Thanks!
DS and ES the hidden desert of the mountains. I have found they do a wonderful job of keeping the GI out of range of Hammerhold at times.
on the Bananas parcer/splitter/map thingy it has the deserts pasted in so I never miss them now.

I also stumbled over the swamp at DV. looks like a rolling hill / plains area but it really bogs you down when you go to move through it.
Wouldn't have an issue with it if the map reflected desert squares there, but they look like plains. So not sure what was intended.

DV used to trip me up because it also looks like plains or hills, but I guess I could see a swamp there.
I updated the border map with the desert in R3. It's not perfect, but will do for a while.

You can just delete your map background, copy the map out of this one, paste it in, and 'send it to back'.
That's a little bit of awesome LD. Can you throw in the marsh at DV?
You like your swamp a little more obvious? It was difficult making a 'realistic' march in the middle of the Talking Mountains so I settled for 'obvious' instead. The 2nd map on the attached file has that edit. I don't think it looks all that great and may take another stab at it later.