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New Threads vs Posts
You can see this is a new thread, as opposed to a post on an existing thread.  You create a new thread by going to the forum topic in the directory, so in this case, Tips, Tricks & Tactics.  Then in the top right, you see a button to create a new thread.  Name your Thread Subject, and then you create the first post in that thread.

You can reply to a thread in two ways.  Normally, you will want to scroll down a bit and select New Reply.  That will give you a clear screen to post your thoughts.  If you click on Reply, you will copy the whole text of the post you are replying to, which generally isn't necessary.

Have fun creating your threads for Tips, Tricks & Tactics!  Everyone can learn something.
So what you have done was a thread and what I have now currently is post.looking forward for more posted in this thread which will be really useful.

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